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Product description


A romper is a loose fitted all in one with poppered shoulders and fitted ankle cuffs. Poppered legs for easy nappy changes is available.

Available options:

Contrast- these rompers have a patterned body with a contrast colour popper strips and/cuffs.

Pattern- these are full pattern items including cuffs and/ popper strips

Poppered- This option comes with a poppered leg closing-meaning you can just pop the feet out for an easy nappy change!


Sizing information


Height in CM.


0-3m: >60cm

3-6m: 61-67cm

6-9m: 67-72cm

9-12m: 72-78cm

12-18m: 78-83cm

18-24cm: 83-88cm

2-3y: 88cm-94cm

3-4y: 94cm-100cm

4-5y: 100-108cm

5-6y: 108-116cm

6-7y: 116-120cm

7-8y: 120-126cm


*Please note this sizing is based off the designers pattern sizing, and not my personal sizing. Rompers are designed to be loose fitting with a low crouch so will typically last longer than the stated sizing.


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