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Product description


Our leggings come in two variations, the 'Yoga Band' waitband which is a fabric waist band which can be folded over for a smaller look or left widened for a high waisted effect. They will come with a cuffed ankle for the perfect fit. Or the 'Elasticated' waist, which has an elasticated waist band and straight legs (not elasticated or cuffed)

Please note: I do not advise cloth nappies with this item due to the slim fit.


Sizing information


Height in CM.


0-3m: 60cm

3-6m: 69cm

6-12m: 75cm

1-2y: 83cm

2-3y: 90cm

3-4y: 97cm

4-5y: 103cm

5-6y: 109cm

6-7y: 115cm

7-8y: 121cm


*Please note this sizing is based off the designers pattern sizing, and not my personal sizing.


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